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23-Jul-2016 12:16

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Melawai hotel-heard so much about this hotel from wsg. You can spend half the day stuck in traffic and the pollution is so bad it turns your teeth black.

Went straight to level 6At the entrance to the bar,at least 20 'big breast girls' will say hi to u! No man in his right mind would want to stay there more than a couple of days out of choice but if you find yourself there, there are a few decent options for foreigners (Bule).

Guys,remember every single girl that u screw be it from the massage parlor,pubs or discos pls play safe ok...never play without using a condom! Anyway -the girls: two choices -either let the mamasan bring you one after another until you find one you want, or take your time to drink and adjust to the dark then cruise around looking for the hottest girl -I prefer the latter approach. Then put the condom on and did her in a few positions.

Every single girl will surely say that they are clean but I don't believe a single one of them! She didn't seem to mind when I put a finger in her anus while fucking her, though she seemed too innocent to ask for anal sex -maybe next time.

I just returned from the city of jakarta yesterday night after having spent a total of 2nights there.

As a frequent visitor of wsg I felt that I just need to share with u guys what I saw experience there..moreover,there are very few updates from those who visited there after their return..maybe lazy to elaborate OR just nothing great to share?

I was angry with myself for such a short game coz I know usually I'm not like that but I think her agrresiveness really worked well. I do not know if they are genuine or injected ones or not coz did not ask.. Anyway inside around pm, about 10-15 girls around, OK looking rather than beautiful, a step down from Today Country for sure.

Moreover, in my opinion she is the most pretty there so that is why I came fast... At sultan hasanudin road,very near to the bus terminal(which is actually the front side of jalan pelatehan), there is a pub called the club. Some overweight and mostly well into their twenties at least.

Unfortunately she only provide short time service which comes at a price of 500,000 rupiah! As my hotel was far, I paid another 100,000 rupiah for a nearby hotel. Anyway I chose a skinny girl in a short tight dress and said 'OK' to her, she led me upstairs. Vinyl covered bed, I was wondering why she didn't put the sheet she'd brought on it but soon found out.

She has a solid body despite giving birth to a baby already,gives blow-job but not anal! We both undressed, she washed her pussy, and she told me to lie face down on the bed, my head on the pillow.

The hotel that I was in was hardly a hotel at a residence home actually! She then made up a soapy solution, came over and washed my back with this warm water and then rubbed all of my back, legs, arms etc, first by hand and then with her whole body, breasts, then squatting down with her ass. She was sliding all over me including my by now rock hard cock.

As it was only for short time purpose, I did not mind. This went on around 10 mins, the best massage of my life.

Unfortunately, I found out later when tried to sms her after arriving home that I was a faked one..not,will surely post it here for u guys to arrange a meeting! She was in control all the time, next she led me over to the bath and showered me clean, put a sheet on the bed and sucked me nicely for a few mins while I fondled her.I just continued watching the girls dancing wildly into the night and must admit that they are really good in it! The imported pussies as informed by the staff at the place is priced for 1.5 million rupiah.

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