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When marketed like a toy to fiddle with, the price is high to me -- lots of other toys available.If it is going to have limited application, at least don't pay too much for them.Instead of referring to such basic needs reviewers look at things like being able to clean a spot marked with a laser pointer.The real use of these robots is to clean the house unattended or completely autonomous.Any more real data would be welcome.[edit] CNET's conclusion [edit] For "fair and balanced" a more favorable review French tests showed less pick up than Neato Botvac, using sugar.The wider intake may be making the stronger vacuum less effective.beeps); container full indicator on the display; spare filter; magnetic tape; running time 30 minutes (turbo mode), 60 minutes (normal mode) 90 minutes (silent mode), charging time 240 minutes; power 250 watts (turbo mode); accu Li-ion 21.6V / 97.2Wh; Weight 4.9kg (source: ... 00743C.pdf)*-the most powerful robotic vacuum as for 3/2016, 200x greater suction power According to this: Vi ...

Very tactile Apple in packaging and presentation... Seems to me like Apple are screwed before they've even entered the game, but we'll have to see what rabbits Apple can pull out of the hat with their crap Home Kit framework...

or whether i Robot/Neato/Samsung et al are prepared to do the leg-work for them. I saw some review I forget where, showing tests that despite the added power the intake design and cleaning system did not perform any better than lower powered models, completely contrary to expectations. It would be nice to know whether it can navigage on carpets better than others, or extract more dirt.

They seem to be into all sorts of smartphone apps more than cleaning.

beeps); container full indicator on the display; no spare filter in the box; magnetic tape; running time 30 minutes (turbo mode), 60 minutes (normal mode) 100 minutes (silent mode), charging time 160 minutes; power 180 watts (turbo mode); accu Li-ion 21.6V / 78Wh; Weight 4.8kg (source: ... 00732A.pdf)_________________________________________________________________________________________________VR20H9031UC (white body color, silver-metallic color detail, "basic" * - without some accessories)Models VR20H903* and VR20H905* : (previous models VR20H9050UW and VR20H9050UB from 2014 and one new model VR20H9031UC a'ka "basic" - without some accessories): remote control with laser pointer function "Point Cleaning" or traditional remote control without the support this feature; scheduling function (1x Delay or Daily); programs: auto, spot, maximum, manual; 2 degrees of power regulation: normal and quiet; dirt sensor (Smart Turbo); choice of voice communications (voice feminine, masculine voice, no voice on / off. J9020UG/GE "Essential" version is updated on mapping and detecting thin obstacles (furniture legs).

beeps); bin full indicator on the display; no spare filter in the box; magnetic tape; running time 60 minutes (normal mode), charging time 160 minutes; power of 70 watts (normal mode); Li-ion 21.6V / 84Wh; Weight 4.8kg (source: ... Also, when it detects corner of the room it will clean 3x with 10%* increased suction power.*-more than Max, Normal and Silent.accoring to tech spec of VR20J9020UG power of the unit "80 Watt" (VR20H9050UW is "70 Watt"), but they say "10x more suction power" (20 Watt) is compared to to suction power of another leading brand robot.

and there also seem to be far more mainstream retailers selling this VR9000 than those other brands too.

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