Pivot table not updating refresh

03-Nov-2016 12:21

After clicking this control, you are presented with a dialog with which you can select the columns that you want to use to determine whether a row in the table is unique.

(see figure 13) Figure 13: Remove Duplicates dialog By pressing this button you demote the table back to a normal range. a pivot table on the range, the Pivot table’s source range will not be updated and the pivot table cannot be refreshed anymore.

If you press it you’re offered two options, "Export Table to Share Point List" and "Export Table to Visio Pivot Diagram".

What these are exactly is beyond the scope of this article.

Figure 10 shows you what the ribbon will look like after you click this tab.

Figure 10: Ribbon after clicking the Table Tools tab.

If your table is a sharepoint list, this button disconnects the table from the list.

Click on the button that says "Format as Table" (see figure 2): Figure 2: "Format as Table" button on the Styles group of the Home tab.This button can be used to change the properties of the external data you have based your table on.