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The big, boisterous family often show up to Scarborough’s gigs, too, but it was deep summer and neither Geist nor Barnicle were there. The song ended, and Scarborough once again grabbed the microphone. He had risen before dawn, filmed his show, and arrived at Prohibition a few hours later for rehearsal.“Now this is a special night,” he told the audience. Brzezinski, in running gear and her TV makeup from earlier that morning, had tagged along, dropping him off before she headed out for a run.“They’ve kind of said what Tom Brokaw did when he first saw me [on television], when I was doing the slot before Imus,” he explained.“Brokaw sort of ambled into [MSNBC president] Phil Griffin’s office and looked up at the TV and I’m there talking and he said, ‘Scarborough, who knew?

Scarborough tapped his Stan Smith sneaker to keep time, like a kid taking music lessons would, and he mostly kept his gaze fixed on his guitar. “I’ve written one in the last 40 years and we’re about to play it,” he shouted again. Scarborough said he couldn’t remember, but said he wrote it about a year ago.Many of them cornered the over-50 demo, with distinct sartorial ticks germane to the Upper West Side: most women wore dangly earrings and flowy blouses that clung to their skin, and the men were mostly gray or graying, bald or balding, in square-rimmed glasses.They were all jockeying for a prime view of the stage.The band began playing at sharp—the exact call time for the evening’s gig—a punctiliousness perhaps less rock ’n’ roll cool than cable-news precise.

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Its front man, after all, was Joe Scarborough, the 53-year-old host of MSNBC’s , and the band, naturally, goes by the name Morning Joe Music.

Scarborough has been pounded for his relationship to Trump. “What we did more than anything is we predicted the hurricane was coming,” he told me. He would come to your book party and hold up the book and say, ‘This is the greatest book that has ever been written.