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"I lost a lot of money investing in penny stocks, but then I learnt...

I rarely do intra-day trades; am more of a long-term investor now.

This has left Sharma disenchanted with equities in general and stock advisors in particular.

"I'm not a fan of equities anymore; I invest more in agricommodities. My target is to make `2,000-`3,000 from trading every day," Sharma said. Do your own research; devote more time to understand market trends." Then there are investors are like Bengaluru- based Chethana Rajshekar, who likes to hunt in packs for good market deals.

Take the case of 37-year-old Sujatha Burla, who became physically challenged after an accident in 2001.

Her initial investment of `5,000 has grown to a six-figure investment portfolio.

"I've a set of friends who are active in stock markets. but now after suffering some losses, we've cut our risky positions," said Chethana.

Jyoti Kushwah, Sarita Agarwal and Kamini Jogani - all participants in the trading league - have grown their portfolio value 3 - 4 times since January this year.

The investment game apart, this is reflective of the rising popularity of stock markets among members of the fairer sex.

One of the most common misperceptions in India is that women don't understand money matters. There are many out there who believe women make better stock investors than men.