Invalidating a session using session id jeffrey r chadwick dating the birth

28-May-2017 12:22

invalidating a session using session id-80

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If the network device does not invalidate session identifiers upon administrator logout or other session termination, this is a finding.

Use session variables when you need the variables for a single site visit or set of requests within a short period of time (such as hours).

Using session variables, an application can initialize itself with user-specific data the first time a user accesses one of the pages of the application.

This information can remain available while that user continues to use that application.

For detailed information on ending sessions and deleting session variables, see Cold Fusion session management uses the same client identification method as Cold Fusion client management.

You can change the default time-out on the Memory Variables page in the Server Settings area in the Cold Fusion Administrator.

You can also set the time-out period for session variables inside a specific application (thereby overruling the Administrator default setting) by setting the This.session Timeout variable or by using the cfapplication tag session Timeout attribute.

J2EE session management provides the following advantages over Cold Fusion session management: To use session variables, they must be enabled on the Cold Fusion Administrator Memory Variables page.

(They are enabled by default.) You can also use the Administrator Memory Variables page to do the following: Enable session variables in the initialization code of your file or in the cfapplication tag in your file.If you use Cold Fusion session variables, the Session scope has four built-in, read-only variables that your application can use.

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