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04-Aug-2016 16:24

We traded our kinfolks and then whined about slave trade.

We submitted sheepishly to the master’s orders and complain about a lopsided World Economic Order.

We have become been-to, tokunboh and other terms used for us including hyphenated nationality; people without identity and pride of place. We now throw the books at our women: we blame them for being assimilated by the destructive ideology called feminisms but we don’t see our culpability of leaving them with no option.

All in exchange for developing our guest homes while our own rot away in total oblivion handed over to men whose only claim to manhood is what dangles between their thighs. At least we gave them cause to move to the West when we destroyed our respective homelands; so how can we turn around to blame them for choosing to put their brains where their livelihood is?

We must be responsible for our actions and free ourselves from what the Abami Eda called “Colomentality”.

We must stop blaming others for our actions and see through our own folly.

More black women graduate in college than black men…at the last count with a three to one advantage.

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The black man has lost respect for his person and has such sacrificed respect even amongst his peers.

We must go back to school and apply what we learn for the development of our homeland.

We must stop the self hate, understand the concept of cooperative domination, and that investing in the future involves making the hard decisions of self effacement and discipline right now.

America is a leveler many will say- we do not have the advantage of selfishness, oppression, and arrant madness going on in our respective land of origins. In the United States of America, Uncle Sam is the boss and the black women don’t have to answer to anyone! Ditto, read Oprah Winfrey and Condi Rice: the richest black person in America and Madam Secretary of State respectively.

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Now you see why I think the lot of the black man is a losing proposition. Even in Nigeria, our women are showing us up; they have proven to be better managers and have earned the trust of the general public in their exemplary public service in the current democratic dispensation.

Vis-à-vis for music; we loathe ourselves so much and we are locked in a cycle of fratricidal killing- Biggie killed Tupac and Abacha killed Yaradua.

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