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14-Dec-2016 19:37

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It's also possible that the relationship is not what he thought it would be.

Maybe it's time to talk about how it's going and where you stand.

For many women, especially after they reach a certain age, dating a man with a child isn’t a deal breaker.

I’m not saying that it should be; I am, however, acknowledging that it can come with it’s own set of problems.

It's true that some people want what they can't have, but many people just want what makes them comfortable and happy.

Relationships would be so much easier if we could trust our intuition and then actually make moves according to what it’s telling us. There are times when we get immediate red flags telling us to stay away from a guy; but then there are other instances when our intuition isn’t so clear and concise and we can’t decide if his actions are deal breakers or something we can really deal with.

You don’t have to stay away from every man because he had a girlfriend in the past year, but just make sure you’re not a rebound chick.

No one really wants a man who has a hit out on his head from his exes due to his bad behavior, but you don’t necessarily want them to be besties either.

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double dating etiquette

If he’s telling you he misses you a day after you meet, either he’s overly affectionate (scary) or he’s trying to run game. One minute he wants to eat Thai, the next it’s soul food.

Months ago, when this man was interested but you weren't available, he might have written the same letter.