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02-Aug-2017 13:19

Elvis is a dog, of course: a three-year-old collie crossbreed who resides at the Wood Green animal shelter in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire.

This weekend, he and a group of his abandoned friends took part in an intense bout of computer dating at the Crufts 2016 dog show.

“One of the reasons we came to Crufts was to research rescue dogs,” Mrs Greenop says.

“For a while we didn’t think we’d be able to put ourselves through it again but the family is not the same without a dog.” Alice is eager to get a small dog she can play with.

Jasmine, a dinky West Highland terrier, appears to fit the bill.

Aged one, she is at ease around young children and loves cuddles.

’ Don’t say: ‘Isn’t Kylie Minogue the most talented singer ever?

There was a time when looking for love online was considered a little embarrassing.

Do say: ‘It’s more environmentally friendly to drive a Hummer than eat meat.’ Don’t say: ‘Nice recipe – have you tried it with bacon?For going stark naked ‘Where nudists and singles feel at home,’ states forum, ’ For pagan folksters With a picture of a bearded chap kissing a girl in a Lord Of The Rings frock on its front page, uk will attract folkie types and hippies in equal measure.On there you can ponder everything from the merits of shaving to nudey etiquette. I find them unsurpassable for au naturel walks.’ Don’t say: ‘Hey, I’m new to all this,’ as Daniel 4 did online. Do say: ‘Wiccan, Druid, Shaman, come ye friends all. ’ Don’t say: ‘I don’t like hippies.’ For fitties Beautiful people need only apply to this site which insists applicants submit a photo to be rated by existing members as ‘Yes, definitely’, ‘Hmm, yes OK’, ‘Hmm no, not really’ or ‘No, definitely not.’ Sounds shallow?It’s all about focusing on the chemistry without the inane small talk. ’ For those seeking the Good Life Looking for someone to love truly, mudly, deeply?

No one is allowed to speak, the action happens via the covert passing of notes – just like at school. Muddymatches is one for those who lead a muddy-boots lifestyle and want to meet like-minded, country people.

Many rescue dogs are adopted on a whim, it seems, their owners smitten by a pretty face or strategically wagged tail.

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