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08-Jul-2017 22:37

It should also be reviewed every time you redo your SEO because your code may have been updated or changed but the doctype declaration was overlooked.Which one is right for your website depends on your code but a full list of available doctypes can be found on the wrong doctype declaration is just as bad as, or worse than, none at all.Facebook’s Open Graph allows you to specify how your content is displayed on a user’s timeline.These tags can enable you to check how your data was shared on Facebook using Insights. Open Graph has become very popular, so most social networks default to Open Graph if no other meta tags are present.Another important thing to note is that not all search traffic is generated from Google, Bing, and Yahoo.Think of the others (like Baidu) that give weight to meta tags, accounting for millions of searches per day.In a perfect world, if everyone had used them fairly, it would have served as a boon.

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Google has said that it is extremely unlikely that this will change in the future, so you shouldn’t bother with the keywords meta tags.

But an important factor, as pointed out earlier, is the fact that Baidu’s Chinese-language search engine considers the keywords meta tag a major factor in its search algorithm.

So if you expect that a significant part of your traffic is coming from Chinese-language users, then you should include the keywords meta tag — but always be careful not to use unnecessary and unethical keyword stuffing.

If you are the owner of a website, you can monitor your website performance by registering on Google Webmaster Tools.

Once registered, you can get notified in case there are any crawl errors that might be related to incorrect use of meta tags.

If you are unsure which one is right for your pages then contact the person who made your website.

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