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Ornaments include very distinct gold and silver earrings with one biconical end, gold or silver beads, and a gold pectoral (Fig. Necklaces are usually made of white stone or shell beads; nephrite and agate beads are rare.

Stone pegs accompanied by pieces of graphite appear similar to modern “eyebrow pencils,” although their exact use is not known.

Pastoral nomadism, as a successful economic and social system drawing on mobile herding, long-distance trade, and cavalry warfare, affected all polities of the Eurasian continent.

The role that arid Inner Asia, particularly the areas of northwestern China, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia, played in the emergence of this phenomenon remains a fundamental and still challenging question in prehistoric archaeology of the Eurasian steppes. was traditionally seen as a period of rapid growth of a powerful network of culturally similar tribes of mounted mobile pastoralists and warriors (among them, “Scythians” and “Saka”) across the Eurasian steppes (discussion and references in 1–4).

Reliable age determinations of find complexes are crucial to provide a robust chronological framework for the interval spanning the second and early first millennium B. and to fill the spatial/temporal gap in our current knowledge (e.g., 4, 22).

This paper presents previously undescribed archaeological and radiocarbon data from Liushui, Xinjiang, China.

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3), were found in 35 tombs; the others did not contain any pottery.

To establish an absolute chronology, 11 samples representing nine tombs were radiocarbon-dated. ) has been archaeologically verified at a number of sites from Kazakhstan and Mongolia to northeastern China (4, 14, 29, 30).

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