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13-Jun-2016 21:37

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She didn’t think it was that odd when a staff member asked Wong if he wanted to play the piano.“It's not the first time he would jump on a public piano to play, so I wasn't surprised that he took on the offer,” she said.“Next big surprise was that he started playing this melody that has been in his head since we first started dating, which he once said he would love to compose a song out of.

As he played, he started singing to it with words about us, I started crying and what happened next got filmed by the awesome TWR staff.”Hosted by Meng Fei, If You Are The One is seen by up to 50 million Chinese per episode and has developed a cult following on SBS in Australia; enough to warrant two Australian specials filmed late in 2015 Down Under and in Nanjing.

“If I was your girlfriend, would you let your belly be my pillow?

” another chirpily asks her plump admirer, who is visibly bewildered.

it can’t be that bad, ” said Wong at the time (he was the top-scoring potential contestant in an SBS online poll).

Wong came to Perth from Malaysia when he was eight.

“When you came on stage you looked like a noodle,” a third woman tells the slim young man in front of her.

“Sorry.” Bold, blunt and deliciously weird, China’s biggest TV dating show is wildly popular in the one market where the show is broadcast for an English-speaking audience: Australia.

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After living in China for two years, Sweeney says her decision didn’t surprise him. “A recent British contestant — looking very British — was able to keep every Chinese female candidate interested in him at least in the first round,” Jing Han says.

Chan was one of the 16 Australian women who joined eight women from China on the show.

Each episode featured five Australian men competing for a date.

“This was the first time a Western-looking man achieved that.” There might be hope yet for single Australians looking for romance on their favorite Chinese dating show.

Wedding bells are set to ring for a Perth couple who were successfully matched on Australian episodes of the hit Chinese dating show If You Are The One.The idea is to accelerate intimacy by getting the most daunting part of a date out of the way first.