Aspx designer cs not updating

13-Oct-2017 06:36

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After moving to VS2015, the Telerik controls occasionally get removed from the files when an ASPX or ASCX file is edited.

Moving the declarations that were in the designer file to the code-behind file instead is a work-around, but we should not have to do that.

So I dependently think the problem is related to the Telerik components. The problem is odd and could be due to a broken reference to the Telerik. Best regards, Rumen Telerik Rumen thanks for your answer. I have read the article but I didn't find a solution yet. I'm now sure that the problem is on my developer machine. We've had a similar report related to VS and TFS integration.

By a colleague we have copied the solution and there the Telerik components don't disappears from the on his machine. The issue was different (fiiles were not being updated) but I will share the information with you in case it helps.

After deleting the file yesterday, removing the Telerik VS Extensions, and redoing the DLLs and references, everything was working fine. I did some work on the project from home and everything was still fine. Manually got latest, started working on an ASCX page, and voila, the Telerik entries were automatically deleted from the designer file again.

getting updated, it's that they ​are getting updated, albeit incorrectly, as soon as I save changes to an ASPX or ASCX file.

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I will also add the information you have provided to the Design-time Troubleshooting article for anyone else who stumbles upon such a problem: The easiest way is to click the Edit this Page button on the top right-hand side corner.