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22-Aug-2017 02:23

We sat down with lead vocalist Abisha Uhl and drummer Jessica Forsythe recently to talk about all these changes and what the future looks like for the band.

Hi, I know this may be a little early for an interview, especially given the fact that it’s the morning after a show. Your latest EP came out in June and it seems like a whole lot has happened in the Sick of Sarah camp since then.

Jessica: I am so grateful for the fact that that we have some of the most beautiful, most supportive fans who are 100% behind us.

Abisha and I called some of them and talked to them, not necessarily about specifics but more in a general way, about some of the changes that we were thinking about and asked them what they would think about bringing in possibly a couple of guys.

The band recruited new members guitarists Ari Applewhite and Jack Swagger along with bassist AJ Stone and took to the road in support of their latest EP with a new sense of determination and more focused than ever before.Jessica Forsythe: No problem, I’ve got my cup of coffee right here. For those who may not be aware of it, there has been a major lineup change with the band.