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03-Mar-2017 16:15

To use Zoom, you must have the free Zoom app, which can be downloaded and installed for PCs and Macs from the site or, for i Phones and i Pads, obtained from Apple’s app store.

When you go to the site, you click on “start” or join a video meeting and it downloads the app.

Such products may also help increase access to legal services .

There are lots of ways for consumers to conduct free one-to-one video calls on computers and mobile devices.

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is an online legal technology company that helps its customers create an array of legal documents without having to necessarily hire a lawyer.

Available documents include wills and living trusts, Lee, Hartman, and Liu felt that since they were unknowns, they needed to attach someone to the company that people trusted.

They came up with a list of potential candidates and decided on Robert Shapiro.

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And for now, the service is entirely free, the company said, but down the road it may impose charges based on time used.The interface is simple, and you don’t have to join a new social network to use it.To initiate a call, you have to possess, and log in with, either a Gmail address or a Facebook account.Following the settlement, the US Federal Trade Commission and the US Department of Justice jointly advised the North Carolina Legislature that the state should avoid placing overly broad restrictions on companies that offer computer-facilitated legal services.

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In discussing the potential benefits from such software and websites, the two agencies stated that "[i]nteractive software for generating legal forms may be more cost-effective for some consumers, may exert downward price pressure on licensed lawyer services, and may promote the more efficient and convenient provision of legal services.

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