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29-Oct-2017 15:33

Kick it off by kissing my neck and then slowly downwards.

When you reach down there, make some eye contact – It’ll drive me wild.

The same myth doesn’t apply to boys, everyone is kind of aware that they’ll come whether someone else is there or not.

The myth is more what they actually like, what they don’t like, and why they won’t tell anyone.

I am suddenly curious about going into a nightclub and meeting someone just for sex.

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There are, however, occasional moments when you can make it better. Bend over in front of me and tell me to go down on you, push your hips back and grind against my face. You can stay bent over and from there on I want to take control. It makes me feel a little bit inadequate when it doesn’t happen, so talk to me. That warm post-sex glow when our limbs are entwined and time stands still is the best sensation I’ve experienced.

This is an important and not so easy decision considering my personal history and values, but I just want to try it, and then never ever do it again.

Last week we asked girls to dispel the myths and mysteries about how to make them come.

If it can’t be figured out by context, we probably shouldn’t be trying it. Describing what you want to do next, how you feel about whatever I’m doing, shouting, swearing and moaning will all get me going.

If by the end we’re not so tangled up we forgot how we got that way then we’ve not done it right. Keep the conversation intense and focused on sex, though. Mutual light hair pulling, grabbing and pinning each other down can be perfect when the vibe is right. I get bored if we stay in one position for too long.As I said, though, most of the time you won’t be able to make a difference. No one likes boring prescribed sex just because Downton has finished and you want to get to sleep asap. I don’t care if we’re in the cinema, on a train, in a lecture or at your grandparents. Once there, it’s all about how wet you can get it: licks, kisses and spit are great if the mood suits. There’s nothing hotter than watch a girl look you in the eye as she works her way up from your balls to the tip while looking directly at you. Climb on top, dirty talk, bring out your toys – I don’t care as long as it comes naturally. The best sex isn’t planned, so it’s always more exciting out of the blue on a lazy Sunday morning than it is at 2am when we’ve just got back from Revs.

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