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For example, if your server uses HTTP protocol, and is located on computer on port 80, you must use “/server=If your server requires HTTPS on port 8443, you must use “/server=”.With certificate validation enabled, you must specify path to Certificate Authority root certificate (default uses "%Program Data%\OCS Inventory NG\Agent\cacert.pem"). Note: You can use self-signed certificate, but certificate CN must equal to server address used by agents for communications.Also, if full path to certificate is not provided, agent will try to load the specified file from its data folder "%Program Data%\OCS Inventory NG\Agent".However, this process requires that you launch it under all your computers. Service Agent setup “OCS-NG-Windows-Agent-Setup.exe” may be called with some command line parameters: Launcher “Ocs Logon.exe” is a small tool able to run inside a login script or an Active Directory GPO.Its purpose is to setup Agent, if not already installed on client computers, and to launch the OCS Inventory NG Agent if you don't not want to use the service.OCS Inventory NG Agent for Windows can run as a Windows service automatically at computer startup.It can also work as a stand alone application which can be launched through a login script, an Active Directory GPO, a scheduled task or a shortcut in the Start menu.

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On Active Directory, you can do this using “Active Directory users and computers” tool, select “Profile” tab in user properties, and fill in “Session startup script”.

Help text displayed in the dialog-box is the one you have entered in Configuring management server.