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05-Nov-2016 11:05

So, let’s talk about online dating apps- where there really is TOO MANY fish in the sea!

For example, dating apps have given us unlimited options when it comes to dating.

Then, from woman’s perspective, it means there is one solution for this classic problem: I couldn’t agree more with the importance of “having a life”. They get busy, they focus one thing and forget everything. So in practice, let’s say, women can “have a life” — to get themselves distracted.

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For me to actually leave my house and give you time is roughly 1/100000000. I’ve also noticed that even though we may start enjoying the company of a person we have met, we still can’t help but go back and look to see what other possibilities are out there.

I’m going to start this category off with a subject I discuss with all my girlfriends and strangers.