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Some people are very touchy-feely or demonstrative in their affection. You always want to remain professional, and if you are dating someone that you just can’t keep your hands off of, it could get a little inappropriate. You can go to lunch together, it’s really cute, but I do think there are more negatives than positives. Kylie: What advice would you give to someone who is contemplating dating or is dating in the workplace? If you are dating someone in the workplace, you might want to shout it from the rooftops, but I don’t think that’s really smart because anything can happen. So, if at all possible, try to be attracted to somebody who works on a different floor than you or who works in a different department because then there’s a little more separation between work and love life. Finally, I would also say it’s about respect and keeping clear boundaries.Kylie: That’s when it usually gets referred over to me. It’s a professional environment, and it’s important to stay focused on your job.Alternatively, you can install a browser plugin to keep your preference to opt out of personalized ads.by Kylie Crawford Ten Brook With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s a good time to review the problems that can arise from office romances and outline some steps you can take to prevent them from occurring at your workplace.You spend so much time—15 hours a day—on a set with somebody, especially if you’re an actor. Erin: For example, this is kind of a minor celebrity thing, but on it seems like every season there are rumors about which teams are dating.You’re already pretending to be in love with this person on camera, so it’s inevitable. Kylie: If you want to incorporate a story about celebrities, that would be awesome. So this year it’s Maksi —I can’t say his last name—and the girl who is the Olympic figure skater (I think she might have won gold or silver), which is totally unfair, by the way.Erin: The other thing that personally would annoy me is that I’m an independent person.

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So anyway, they’re teamed up this season, and it’s funny because they’re trying so hard in interviews not to appear like they’re a couple. This is interesting for the workplace, too, because when two people have chemistry, it’s really hard to ignore it—you can see it.Even if you’re not touching somebody, it’s like you can see the waves of energy going back and forth between the two people and what’s happening with them.It doesn’t matter what they’re saying with words, we can see it. Eventually, if you’re dancing, you’re touching each other, and he’s holding you. Now, to turn the tables, I have a question for you.Those little things can get annoying if you are with that person at your job for eight [or] nine hours and then go home and see that person for another whatever number of hours. That’s a perk, so long as you’re not annoying each other. I think we’ve all been in relationships with people that we could see being with for hours on end and there’s never a conflict, and then [there are] others where it’s a fiery relationship. Then you’re working together still, but it’s awkward because you just broke up and you might hate each other a little bit or you’re not over them and you’re sad.

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Also, there’s the aspect of inappropriateness in the workplace. It could be positive if you get along well with your love interest. Erin: Well, you know the saying, “Don’t poo where you eat.” [Lots of giggling.] Because it can be messy, and you’re really opening up your workplace and colleagues to whatever domestic issues are going on. And instead of work being your focus, you’re thinking about the person you used to date, and it makes you crazy. The other thing I would recommend is dating someone who is not in your department. Look at new video from Matchmaking agency Happy Life!