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01-Feb-2017 17:24

Have you tried to reach out to your friend over text or IM to let him know that you didn’t mean to make him uncomfortable?

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Having people who support you can make a big difference when or if you decide to talk to your friend.

Only you can decide if the friendship is still working, especially if he still seems to be avoiding you. The Trevor Project is here to offer resources like

Trevor Space.org, our safe and secure online social networking site with young people who are ages 13 to 24.

Counselors are available on Trevor Chat and Trevor Text during select hours, or on our 24/7 Trevor Lifeline (866-488-7386).

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Question: Answer: First of all, it is great that you have an accepting and loving friend! That’s why we can understand why you are worried about risking this important relationship.

Chances are you’ll be able to find someone who has gone through a similar experience.

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