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01-Aug-2017 07:33

According to Sport England, two million fewer women, aged 14-40, take part in sport or exercise than men- despite 75% saying they want to be more active.

And again, it’s a lovely way to bond and have some down time.

He’s now eight and a half months old and I’ve been wondering when I might introduce formula.

The WHO (World Health Organisation) recommend breastfeeding until your baby is two but for me, a year feels more realistic.

Only, I’m finding it hard to swap boob for bottle because he seems to so enjoy being breastfed.

He uses it to get to sleep – not advised, I know, but it works for us – and is a really sucky, fiddly baby.So that’s what I’ll give him, in the privacy of my bedroom. And maybe we’ll continue doing this for another year, but maybe we won’t.