Wildest datings 2

29-Nov-2016 20:16

Any advice you could offer me that you picked up from this production process? If you have one goal in mind, that’s great, but—not to sound like too much of a hippie—it’s about the journey and not the destination.

Whatever you’re going through right now is part of a process, so you honor that and pay attention to it. If you go on a bad date, hopefully, you have some really funny friends that you can have a cocktail with and talk shit. He pulled a stuffed elephant out of his backpack and said it was his best friend!

Over the course of a candid chat, the incredible Jessica Williams dished on the aggravations of dating, slipping into the role of a producer, and saying more by saying nothing.

As someone who is also in their mid-20s and fed up with Tinder dating in Brooklyn, I felt very seen by your new movie.

I have to remind myself to still stay excited while keeping my feet on the ground and staying humble.

Was it at all difficult, selling a concept as small-scale and personal as with the same production company, Beachside, and they were really excited to work with me and [director] Jim [Strouse] again. You also stepped in as executive producer on this movie.

I did back when I started the show at 22, but it was the truth.

There people who were a lot older and wiser than I was, and there was a lot I could learn.

And then, in Tarantino flicks, some more blood for good measure.

I just sort of allowed myself to have some time to be intimidated, but also recognize that there was so much to get from people who have been doing this for a long time. You strike me as a self-assured person, someone who’s secure in their place in the world.