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Plasmius's ghost half overwhelmed Danny's ghost half, creating an even more evil and powerful version of the two halves.

He then destroyed and blew up Vlad's entire castle and his own human half. Through complex time travelling and the help of Clockwork, the present-day Danny managed to defeat his evil self with the element of surprise, using his newly acquired Ghostly Wail- a power that Dark Danny only manifested shortly before he came back in time- against him.

He is constantly under pressure from his rival and nemesis Vlad Masters, who wants nothing more than to have Danny as his son and apprentice, a desire which is proven in a few of the episodes.

His attempts are futile, though, and he remains Danny's enemy.

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In the episode "Urban Jungle", Undergrowth brainwashes Sam into becoming his queen and "personal care taker of everything green".She dons a jumpsuit hood with goggles and is more down-to-earth than her husband and often supports or keep her husband from getting into trouble or harm.

On July 14, 2017, it was announced that the game's release would be delayed due to the discovery of some last-minute bugs, and would miss its original release date of July 13, 2017.… continue reading »

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Despite this betrayal of trust, Handler kept Mc Donald on her show. In another podcast a month ago, Mc Donald discussed Handler’s relationship with Chuy Bravo.… continue reading »

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