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Li's compositions were as much the attraction as the singing - they tend not to be cookie-cutter love ballads, but songs such as Wild Animals, which ask searching questions about the pursuit of meaning and happiness in the big city.

For some two hours, some 4,000 of us were treated to 23 songs, including radio hits penned by Li and renditions of songs by Hong Kong's Four Heavenly Kings and Singapore's JJ Lin and Stefanie Sun.

No fancy costumes, dancers, special guests or pyrotechnics.

Just a simple stage, a man who can sing and a band who backs him up.

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With an age gap of 6 years old, Mike He and Dayuan acted as a couple in “Onsen Beauty”.

Li appeared on stage just 15 minutes past the start time of 7pm, kicking things off with an upbeat and breezy song called An Ideal.

He got the crowd bopping by his third song - Li Bai, a snappy number named after the Tang Dynasty poet.

You close your eyes and feel yourself dissolving into the moment.

In an ideal world, all concerts should be like Chinese singer-songwriter Li Ronghao's debut show in Singapore: an intimate night of pure aural pleasure.

And what sweet sounds were made by Li and his band - which included Singaporean keyboardist Ruth Ling - whom he thanked later by flashing each of their faces and names on stage .