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Whereas with my app, as it gets bigger, I could actually hire that exact person to come perform for me and my friends at an office party or in my backyard. I love the fun and the wildness that he brings to the group.He’s a little cave man-y in some of his ways, but he’s also very open to change; he’s very vulnerable when he’s put on the spot, I like that about him.And I think it was actually our first time that we had a storyline together, we’re baking cakes.We were just improvising those scenes, and it was just one of the most fun times I’ve had on that show.The ability to tailor your entertainment to whatever you like is a great idea, too.

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set off fireworks of a different kind on Independence Day.He’s pretty transparent — what you see is what you get with Coach. I love working with all those guys; all the people I work with on that show are personal friends of mine, so whenever the camera comes on it just feels like I’m getting paid to hang out with my friends.If he knows he’s wrong, he’ll admit it and his wall will come down. DW: I never really got to do too many episodes with Lamorne [Morris’s] character, Winston.[Special Guest and these other apps] remove some of the risk — the Craigslist risk, if you will — of having to guess whether or not the person that shows up at your place is going to be qualified.

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The app itself was built to mimic what would happen if you had a manager.So one day I was at this open mic and this red-headed young lady went up, freckles all over, and she played the acoustic guitar — her own music — and it was beautiful.