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This is why knowing the exact moment of birth is so important to astrologers.Most predictive work relies more heavily on houses (which are again determined by the birth time and thus the ascendant) than most lay people realize.If you are involved with someone with Gemini rising then brush up on what is going on in the world and/or find out what interests them and start talking to them about it.Cancer: It’s all about the home and family life for you.However it’s far from precise and we can’t stress enough the importance of learning your exact birth time if you want an accurate astrological interpretation.To find your rising sign using this table, locate your Sun sign in the left column and your approximate birth time in the top row.

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It also tells you where each of the planets in your natal chart fall (which house the fall in and which house they rule).They tend to act first and think later, relying on their natural instincts, which are generally very good.As Mars is the ruler or Aries, this is further defined by the sign and house placement of their natal Mars. They’re earthy, practical and sensuous, preferring comfort over extravagance and quality over quantity.They’re movers and shakers, throwing themselves eagerly into new ventures that don’t require a lot of forethought and planning.

They can be impatient and can lose steam if something becomes tedious or boring.

It’s your personality and how you present yourself to the world.

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