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29-Oct-2016 07:16

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For example, an IP address might be “MTA” is Mail Transfer Agent, a computer such as a large server computer that forwards e-mail from a sending computer to a recipient computer.

“IANA” is the Internet Assigned Number Authority, an agency given authority by the U. “Access Control List” is a whitelist or a blacklist, as those terms have been defined above.

If the e-mail 24 is unwanted by the recipient computer 26, the e-mail 24 is said to be spam or to contain spam. A spammer may spoof an innocuous claimed address 22 that is not an actual address of sending computer 21.

This may lull the user of recipient computer 26 into thinking that the e-mail 24 does not contain spam, because this claimed address 22 may be presented to the user of recipient computer 26 via e-mail client software 27 associated with recipient computer 26.

Blocking entire domains or top-level domains (as well as addresses) thus becomes a relatively easy way to block a significant amount of spam.

As used throughout this specification including claims, “spam” is any e-mail that is unwanted by the recipient.

The conversion of the actual IP address 23 into geo-location data at step 12 may be performed by a software program such as Geobytes.