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Downloading, installing and updating plugins can be complex, error prone and annoying and it's often difficult to convince people to install plugins in the first place!

In general, a Web RTC-enabled application needs to: In theory it is possible to create a simple Web RTC application, without any server components for signaling.

Objects of this type can be created using In this section we'll learn how to build a basic Audio/Video-Chat Web-Application.

It allows to perform a video call between two peers and displays the local and remote video.

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One of the last major challenges for the web is to enable human communication via voice and video without using special plugins and without having to pay for these services.wss.broadcast = function (data, exclude) ; Note: since Web RTC works ONLY with SSL, for your convenience, we provide a free, self signed SSL certificate together with this application.This certificate shall not be used for other purposes outside playing with the provided demo application.The first Web RTC implementation was built in May 2011 by Ericsson.

Web RTC defines open standards for real-time, plugin-free video, audio and data communication.

Images are produced at a maximum resolution of 720x480 pixels at up to 30 frames per second (x4ch 640x480).