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July 2001 - November 2001Colin and Amelia met at the premiere of 'Quills' and eloped four months later while on vacation in Tahiti.

It turns out the marriage wasn't legally binding though, and they split four months later--despite Colin tattooing Amelia's name around his ring finger.

It is one of the "Big Six" major American film studios. is a member of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). They emigrated as young children with their parents to Canada from Krasnosielc which was located in the part of Congress Poland that had been subjugated to the Russian Empire following the eighteenth-century Partitions of Poland near present-day Ostrołęka. The three elder brothers began in the movie theater business, having acquired a movie projector with which they showed films in the mining towns of Pennsylvania and Ohio.

In the beginning, Sam and Albert Warner invested 0 to present Life of an American Fireman and The Great Train Robbery.

became a top studio and the brothers were now able to move out from the Poverty Row section of Hollywood, and acquire a much larger studio lot in Burbank. released Lights of New York, the first all-talking feature.

The owners noted people across the country had asked them to protect it for its historical significance. In 1912, Harry Warner hired an auditor named Paul Ashley Chase. Sam and Jack produced the pictures, while Harry and Albert, along with their auditor and now controller Chase, handled finance and distribution in New York City.By the end of 1929, all the major studios were exclusively making sound films.