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Again, if this is the case, it won't lead to an obsession or strong interest or anything, and is just one experience in a long string of unrelated childhood experimentation.- The excitement/feeling of being helpless. Then I tore off a piece of duct tape and slapped it on her mouth. I was 10 and just starting to notice girls at the time. Not when skiing, but if I ever go to Europe (which I must do sometime) I should drop by. Im currently in College and live in Columbus Georgia.Some kids might be, like me, struck by the scenes that they see in the shows and want to re-enact the events to try to experience them on a deeper level than simple curiousity. She mmmphed a little then was quiet while I played Nintendo. I entertain the fantasy of reliving some old memories. Thought I'd jump on the bandwagon of asking if any girls would be intersted in keeping a 25yo male bound and silenced for a while?? I must sincerely admit I cannot imagine a father saying, "Come here sonny, I'll tie you up"... I have been into Tie Up Games since I was about 12 or so.It really depends on the individual, the experiences they had as well as whether they were positive or negative, what exactly they got out of the experiences if anything, and their specific emotional needs or desires. She was also rather short, which made it easier to tie her up. We tied her to an office chair I sat at when I did homework. The tape we used was masking tape and didn't work very well the first time. A man breaks into the hourse, ties up the wife and claims her husband hired him to kill her, but for some reason he tired he too a chair and spent the movie talking to her, judging by the credits. After wrapping her torso we try to the tear the tape but can't and just get it tangled a little. I like not being in control and being at the mercy of my (trusted) friend(s) and when in that position I dont have a care in the world. There was this challenge where two people had thier hands duct taped behind them and their feet taped together also. I've never been tied with duct tape or seen it done before.Some people with very complicated lives have reported feeling a "Zen-like" feeling when tied up and helpless..those were reported by adults. By now my brother had accumulated a very nice collection of climbing rope of different colors. At some point, Jen says "That's what the boys did to me! My bro and I are in the basement watching TV when Jen comes down. He's about to tackle her too but I tell him to get the tape. Jen scolds us for this failure and my bro exlains that I'm the one doing the ripping. Now its not a sexual experience for me but I would not mind if it became that way. It looks like it would be really sticky :) but I think I would like the feeling of being taped up like that.Kids tend to enjoy being tied up for some playful value they get out of it. Maybe other posters here on this page can lend their ideas? He also was in his tool phase and had visitation rights to my Dad's workbench because he was well behaved and never touched anything without permission. First we wrapped Jen up in the climbing rope, and I mean good. Most of it was extra and just tossed on for the heck of if. " There was no one else in the theater, fortunately. She joins us and we're watching where in the world is carmen san diego for a few minutes. Earlier I told my bro we should tie Jen up again when she comes downstairs, but not immediately. If you have any question of me feel free to E-mail me. It sure is fun to watch someone try to wiggle out of patrick (22 years old )and i got tied up by my 16 year old niece, kacey, about a month ago.Please post again on what you think of this, as I am very curious about what exactly you are researching, if you don't mind. The chair was not very well shaped for tying someone too, but Jen was there to stay. this may not be as exciting as some these other stories but that's because im trying to keep it as accurate as possible.

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Minutes later, I heard 2 pairs of footsteps and heard the voices going whered they go? I desparately wanted to mmmppphhh or bang the door but C and O, sensing my thoughts covered my mouth and grabbed my hands. As he reached the side room, C and O shot out and had him tied and gagged in a matter of seconds and threw him on the ground. I think the most elaborate way I have been tied up was on my bed, with my back against my headboard.In case you don't know, an au paire is a woman age 18-25 about who comes to the USA (or from the USA to Europe) from Europe to work as a nanny to a host family for about nine months. We wrapped rope around her upper body, tied her hands behind her back, tied her ankles and gagged her with a bandana. This time the rope was a very long set of pink nylon climbing rope he played with. I can't remember how we secured her very vividly (my more recent stories will are much clearer. anyway, she came up from florida for a weekend, i hadn't seen her in over a year.