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He hooked up with Phoebe's bald friend Bonnie played by Christine Taylor and palaeontologist Charlie played by Aisha Tyler.He even ends a relationship with Rebecca Romijin because she is extremely messy.The character of Ursula was actually carried over from Mad About You since Kudrow had been cast as the ditsy waitress years before Friends initially aired in 1994.

Matthew Perry's Chandler had the lowest number of sexual partners- having had sex with 10 women throughout the ten years it was on the air- which fits with his character's persona who was a bit awkward with women.

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Even though two-thirds of the characters coupled up by the end of the series, with Monica and Chandler marrying in season seven and Ross and Rachel finally putting their will-they-or-won't-they storyline to rest, there were a number of lovers who made their marks.

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