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Internal attacks, on the other hand, can copy a large numbers of files without anyone having any knowledge of the source of the [email protected]@Coursen Security Spencer Coursen is the President of Coursen Security Group.He is an expert security advisor, threat assessment consultant, and protective intelligence strategist who is dedicated to reducing risk and preventing violence.

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He invented several popular cybersecurity technologies in use today, writes a column on cybersecurity for Inc., and is the author of several books on information security."In general, the greatest data security risk is posed to organizations by..." Insiders, as they have access to sensitive information on a regular basis, and may know how that information is protected.

There's not much, besides compartmentalization and monitoring, that you can do if an insider wants to reach data.

For outsiders, most attacks compromise legitimate websites to deliver malicious payloads which can then reach data. While no single strategy fits all, practicing basic cyber hygiene would address or mitigate a vast majority of security breaches.

To gain more insight into the threats posed by insiders vs.

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outsiders and how companies can effectively mitigate these risks, we asked a panel of data security pros to answer this question:"What's more of a threat to a company's data security: insiders or outsiders?

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