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Feel free to familiarize yourself with Lavalife before joining. Is there a notification system when I receive a new message?

Strangely, other guys with mics suddenly talk (I was in the lobby for 30 minutes with not one soul talking but she walks in and gets everyone participating in a discussion).

They somehow make each other friends and meet up for a party in an apartment.

With this long speech done, I'm asking you all: Is this a real thing?

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Sorry about the misleading title but I have no clue what to call it. -I'm sure there's a word or saying for this but I have no clue what it is.

I have a few things I want to say before getting into the topic: -I had many ideas for a new topic that revolved around this idea but I settled precisely on this as it's a really weird thing to witness and a topic, I'm guessing, that hasn't been discussed here (or not much). -This topic will get heated with sexist comments and debates. I want a clear-minded topic full of honest opinions backed with experiences or/and facts. Gaming is becoming more and more mainstream and brings in new gamers every day from the young to the old. Gaming has always been seen as a guy thing where you play on the weekends or you're addicted to it.

With every topic I make, I'm never surprised if it has been posted before and will get a lock. What I find more impressive, though, is how more and more females are interested in gaming, may it be casual Nintendo games or hardcore shooters, they're quickly growing as "real" gamers. Probably because consoles are mini computers and PC gaming has always been a guy thing.

It was very, very rare to encounter a gamer chick on the servers of Battlefield 1942.

I doubt girls play games wearing make-up and a tight dress but it hasn't stop male gamers to be their puppy.