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” said Bruce, shooting a photo of the forehead mark and collecting an incense’s copy from the cousin butt.He closed the door of the apartmement and went to the police station.But something was strange, the door was opened and incense’s stench was flowing out of the room.Bruce ran inside the fast he could with the heart throbbing in fear of something bad…and it was.” “Yes, but it will involve your masculinity.” Bruce Wayne stood in awe looking to Robocop’s face.

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” Bruce Wayne them put his Batman suit to prepare mentally for that demanding task.

This shit is made of plastic…” Batman them searched more, but no use. He reached for it and found a Bat-Smoke-Greanade, cilindric, 8 inched and a good titanium metal cover.

“Robocop, I found it, but you must be very gentle, or you could put off the grenade pin.” Robocop picked the grenade, attached in his crotch and red lights got immediatly red on the greanade’s body. ” “It’s means I’m very excitted, your ass is very round, and I love leather clad men.” “Woah, I never saw my ass, I guess the leather modeled him very good.

It’s not nearly as insane as “day of reckoning” in content; i.e., no one is cannibalized alive.?

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It’s actually kind of tame, especially compared to “day of reckoning.” So why am I running it?? I have been waiting for this story ever since I started FFF.

As the resident opened the door, Batman raced to the top floor again without been seeing.

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