Vmware server consolidating disks

12-Jul-2017 05:25

In my current job as an Infrastructure Engineer at VMware, I deal with issues related to snapshot and consolidation on a regular basis.I get to talk to customers and the major concerns that they have is to know what is the progress with the consolidation.We will be making use of a watch command and also will dig deeper as well.Let me give you a background on why I decided to write this article.Although you can see the progress in the v Sphere Client or the Web Client, it just gives you a percentage on the task completed.If you would like to dig a little to deeper to understand on which disk is being consolidated at the time and the size of the consolidation left, you would have to get to the console of the ESXi host. Note: This method does not work if the base disks are virtual-mode RDM.

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For more detailed monitoring, type these commands to confirm that the consolidation / deletion are active.

2016-05-04T.495Z| vcpu-0| I120: DISKLIB-LIB : Combine: Failed to get (precise) space requirements.