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’.” “‘If I had hair like Keith I wouldn’t wear it in a stupid mullet’.” Hunk interjects. ” Lance says, hands slamming down on the table as he stands up. “I’m still mad about the whole ‘babe’ thing.” Lance’s long, dramatic groan is practically covered up by everyone else at the tables laughter.

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The hypothetical future.” He mumbles, and turns to sprint out of the room. ” Coran happily calls out, making the boy in question nearly spill the water in the glass he’s carrying. He was supposed to be helping me clean the dining hall after last nights…” A pause; a wince, “fiasco,” honestly, sometimes the paladins so called ‘bonding’ exercises could get a little out of hand, “but I can’t find him anywhere.” “Oh. “It’s closer to the training room, and he was dizzy, so I thought…” Keith trails off. “I guess I’ll have to find someone else to help me clean up the dining hall...though I was starting to enjoy Lance’s company when we cleaned.” He shakes his head.“Yeah, even after Keith got kicked out, and before we started living in close quarters with him, there was a lot of Keith talk.” Pidge smiles, almost wickedly, and Lance is pretty sure he audibly gulps.