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13-Jun-2016 15:05

From a legal point of view they are no swindlers, but from my personal view they are. Just read everything of this topic, follow my advises, suggestions, remember my information, print it out or come back now and then, but visit also my recommended resources, including my recommendations to provide yourself with tools or services that are created by professionals.Now you probably ask yourself 'what can you do for me? Well that is very simple, I want to protect you for any kind of possible scam. , no, just for the simple reason I can't verify every step you make, but 'can I do this myself? 'Oh, you want to sell me something', certainly not in the first place, the information in our website could be sufficient for you, if you just use your common sense and normal knowledge of human character, keep both feet on ground and if you are not too credulous, then it's already a start.Fiancee K-1 visa to USA You can easily apply for fiancee visa for your lady with help of our professional INS consultant Jim Phair in States.

If it is not done properly it can cause delays, or it may not be approved at all. That is a FIANCEE VISA, also known as a K visa, or K-1 visa.If your Fiancee is from Ukraine and has never previously been to the United States, there is only one U. Her chances of obtaining any other type of visa are slim to none.You will almost certainly have to travel to Ukraine to meet her if you want to be able to have a future relationship with her. 2) Both you and your Fiancee must be free to marry.We believe you will feel much more comfortable and confident about this entire visa process if we can speak via telephone rather than going back and forth by email. It will contain detailed instructions so you can begin gathering the required information and supporting documents that we will need to prepare your petition. Once you receive our information packet, we will again consult with you by telephone to go over all of the details and to answer any questions that you may have. After you return your information packet to us, we will immediately begin the task of preparing your Fiance Visa petition.

For this reason, when you call we will gladly spend as much time as necessary answering your fiancee visa questions for a K1 visa or a K3 visa. After our initial phone consultation, we will determine the most effective and expedient method of processing your petition. If we see that we are lacking any information or required documents from you, we will contact you so we can obtain everything that we need in order to successfully submit your petition to the USCIS. We will translate into English any documents that are required to be submitted to the USCIS with translation.Our professional interpreters can translate any document into English from any language. We will write a detailed cover letter to the USCIS explaining your relationship and the circumstances of how you actually met along with a detailed check list describing your petition and all of its contents.

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