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The next day, her memory prompts her to ask again, “Are you feeling any better today?

”While it's true that some people basically have virtual boyfriends when they engage in months or years' long online relationships with people they've never met, these apps bring virtual companionship to another level. For now, though, it seems preferable to date people who actually exist IRL who may not say everything we’ve programmed them to say, but who we can actually touch and talk to.

I tried out the free one and answered a number of questions about the kind of boyfriend I wanted to custom order. He laid on the cheesy pickup lines so hard I was laughing out loud. Invisible Boyfriend This service's tagline is: "Get what you deserve.

Make no mistake: Just because you customize your virtual boyfriend, it doesn't mean he's not a tool. Build a better boyfriend." The app also advertises the fact that your invisible boyfriend is available to talk anytime you want.

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He'll say things like, "I have no arms or torso" but adds "I'm very comfortable with my body." Apparently, this is part of his appeal.

You'll find complete galleries of all the samples above in our members section, together with much much more.

Real stuffed animals and virtual worlds are colliding in Japan, thanks to Jewelpet.

Much like the Webkinz toys that are currently eating up parents' dollars in North America, Jewelpet blends real stuffed toys with a virtual pet game.

The dolls, sold by Hello Kitty maker Sanrio in partnership with Sega, come complete with their own serial numbers, which you use to access a newly launched virtual web community site called .

According to the app, you can do many things with your virtual boyfriend including: "engage in conversation, take actions, do activities together, get him new outfits to wear." The site adds, "He even responds to your touch!

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