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It produces art books, poetry collections and albums.It has even dipped into producing films, including last year’s “Jauja,” in which Mortensen stars as a 19th-century Danish soldier stationed in Patagonia when his teenage daughter goes missing. He's prepared a gift bag."You can smoke in the car," Mortensen says, gesturing with his own smoldering American Spirit. here, in upstate New York, because Mortensen has taken some time off from his life in Madrid to care for his dying father. For the next eight hours, for about 250 miles, up to and around Watertown, through the Adirondacks and not quite to Canada—though he does ask if I brought my passport—with periodic stops at diners and waterfalls, lakes and trout ponds, his mother's grave and finally his father's farmhouse. Sometimes he drives cross-country, just for the hell of it. "They always do this thing where they try to upgrade me to some fancy fucking car." But he doesn't want a fancy fucking car. He is not in leaving Starbucks with his hand over his face. When he must go on the red carpet, you will not find him in a Dior tuxedo. Once, when asked whom he was wearing, Mortensen provided a name—Bambino Veira—and watched in bemusement as members of the Hollywood press dutifully wrote it down.We could've gone straight to Watertown and stayed there, and we could've gotten there a hell of a lot faster, but Mortensen, his two hands resting gently on the bottom of the steering wheel, doesn't like to drive too fast. Two and a half hours into our journey, Mortensen and I stop for coffee at a joint he likes because his mother used to go there as a teenager. We sit at the bar, and no one seems to recognize him, not even the pretty bartendress he chats up about Syracuse basketball. He was offered the role only when another actor, Stuart Townsend, was dropped at the last minute, and he took it only because his then-eleven-year-old son, Henry, had read (and loved) the Tolkien trilogy and convinced him to do it.Born in New York City to an American mother and a Danish father, his parents soon went to Argentina, where he lived until he was 11.

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“A bad day or two as a parent and you can get depressed,” he says.Today, he is mostly based in Spain with girlfriend Ariadna Gil (“Pan’s Labyrinth”), though he comes back to the States a lot to visit his family.Because of all his travels, a laptop has become essential for Mortensen, who says he didn’t know how to use one until he founded Perceval.Now he has one to edit books and work with images and text.

“It’s an incredible tool, because of what I can do.

How much does this character resemble the actor himself? ("It was there.") About how much he loves the militant Chomskyite he plays in , a father of six who decides to raise his kids in the isolated wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. with Harrison Ford, and the public got to lay its eyes on him for the first time. It would be another sixteen years and at least as many (mostly obscure) roles before he would acquire true fame.