Victoria dating fish

20-Feb-2017 14:59

There can be little doubt that these introductions saved the fishery from collapse.With such increases, so too the entire production system on the lake changed, the fifth and final key change.One of these, the Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus), was to establish itself firmly in the fishery.Tilapia catches from the lake rose from about 13,000 mt in 1975, to an all-time high of around 105,000 mt in 2000.

In Uganda, indeed, its export is second only to coffee in the rankings of export earnings.Arguments in favour of introducing a predator was as follows: While the argument continued, it was agreed that tilapia stocks needed bolstering largely as a result of increasing fishing pressure on indigenous species, associated with the expansion of the market for fresh fish in the 1940s. Nevertheless, while the argument over the introduction of the Nile perch raged throughout the early 1960s, it seems that it had already been surreptitiously introduced in 1954 from Uganda.