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07-Nov-2017 22:46

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Because of this high level of encryption and anonymity dark web leads to certain websites which people like you and I can’t think of even in the wildest of our dreams.

So here’s a list of 10 bizarre things found on the dark web just at the click of a button.

Got a crazy ex, then this is the place for you, out of all, the most unique contract killing dark web site is Assassination Market, which is actually a system for crowdfunding assassinations sounds like Indiegogo or Kickstarter for assassins .

The working model is like the name of a target is added to Assassination Market’s list and the users can add bitcoins to the dead pool associated with that individual.

A caption on the website says “The DEMB includes sadistic stories about boys, and illustrated stories.

DEMB is the dark little brother of PZA Boy stories.” It is one of the highly disturbing child porn erotica websites on the deep web, saying itself as the sex repository for the pedophiles who like to read stories about young boy’s rape, and sexual abuse and sometime even death and mutilation.

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Hitman network also clearly states “no children under 16 and no top 10 politicians.” Thus adding an ethical tinge to their work.There are other things which I didn’t mentioned in the list like the red rooms on the dark web which are said to exist but some people even call it hoax, red rooms are few things which leaves a person horrified just by the description of it that the highest bidder gets to decide the fate and how the kidnapped victim will be executed live based on the money the viewers pool in and once the fate is decided the chat rooms are flooded and they view the execution live.Whatever is the case, dark web is surely not that safe place to be in, if you ever think of visiting there I’ve just one piece of advice “be safe”.But this all proves how serious working models these websites have, as payment is done via bitcoins both killer and bidder remains anonymous. this was the link used by the website previously well now violent desires has been taken down, but still many such draconian forums exist over the dark side of the web.

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As read at many other places “the only way to get to the VIP board is to show pictures of kids you raped/killed.” The horrors can be clearly imagined just by the 2 screenshots of the website.This website was taken down and seized in 2011, previous link of the website ( can be seen in the screenshot, till date it’s one of the most gruesome website ever found on dark web.

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