Vba screenupdating word

12-Dec-2016 00:02

My question is, is there a way to hide the first document from appearing on the screen?

Many thanks Jack Hi Stuart Microsoft have provided the code which they have placed under Auto Open - if I step through the code the document opens as "Read Only" before the code actually starts to run. Screen Updating = False seems to work to some extent as the document does not fully appear on the screen but visually you can see that something is happening as there are three white boxes appear on the screen before the actual document opens.

Add Comment text:="" End If 'type to add comment text to selected shape cmt. Their name may also appear in the Status Bar, when you hover over the cell that contains a comment.

The following macro will replace the old name with a new name.

Also reduces cognitive load (especially with long procedures) and pretty much eliminates the possibility for declaring a variable that you're not using.

Option Explicit Public Sub Remove Null() With This Workbook.

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User Name = str New Dim str Cmt Text As String Dim cmt Old As Comment Dim cmt New As Comment Dim l Cmt Show As Long On Error Resume Next Application. Display Comment Indicator 'show the comments Application.

The issue I have is that the document appears on the screen, closes and appears again, which can cause confusion for the user.

To resolve this I would like to hide the first document opening, so that the user only sees one document open. Screen Updating = false but the first document still does appear to visibly open. Visible = false but realised that if the application is already open this will confuse the user.

I don't want to check the whole sheet with this I already have another sub that does this. Once you have a one-dimensional array, you can iterate and modify it in-memory: And with one single read and one single write from the worksheet, and the iteration and actual work being done in-memory at lightning speed (as opposed to one cell at a time with Excel repainting itself every time, if not recalculating the whole worksheet too), there shouldn't even be a need to switch off Thank you for the thoroughness of your response.

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I want to make sure that this is the most efficient way to go about it. I have implemented most of your suggestions and as stated it works almost instantly even for 65k rows. What is the purpose or best practice for Code should be written to be read, not just executed.

Paste Special Paste:=xl Paste Comments rng Temp Old.

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