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The tables to be loaded must already exist in the database. It loads existing tables that either already contain data or are empty.The following privileges are required for a load: When SQL*Loader performs a conventional path load, it competes equally with all other processes for buffer resources. Extra overhead is added as SQL statements are generated, passed to Oracle, and executed.The direct path load engine uses the column array structure to format Oracle data blocks and build index keys.The newly formatted database blocks are written directly to the database (multiple blocks per I/O request using asynchronous writes if the host platform supports asynchronous I/O).

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The following operations occur during the load: index keys are built and put into a sort, and space management routines are used to get new extents when needed and to adjust the upper boundary (high-water mark) for a data savepoint.

During a direct path load of a single partition, SQL*Loader uses the partition-extended syntax of the While you are loading a partition of a partitioned or subpartitioned table, you are also allowed to perform DML operations on, and direct path loads of, other partitions in the table.

Although a direct path load minimizes database processing, several calls to the Oracle database are required at the beginning and end of the load to initialize and finish the load, respectively.

Internally, multiple buffers are used for the formatted blocks.

While one buffer is being filled, one or more buffers are being written if asynchronous I/O is available on the host platform.Overlapping computation with I/O increases load performance.