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To quickly answer this question, use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner to check out the monthly search volume on various different keyword phrases related to the niche website idea you're considering.If your new website idea is to create a blog that's dedicated to teaching very health-conscious pet owners how to safely go vegan with their dogs, you'll want to check out the average monthly search volume on phrases like, "vegan dog food" and "vegan dog." This will give you an idea of how many people are seeking advice, recommendations, and content on this topic.When people seek advice online, they want recommendations from someone who's well-versed on a topic, not just someone trying to make a quick buck.If you've created a massive blog post on the "37 Health Benefits of Transitioning Your Dog to Vegan Dog Food," and have done a good job of promoting it online, it'll likely rise to the top of organic search results because there's very little competition on the search term, "vegan dog food."After publishing your first big post about the benefits of transitioning your pup to vegan dog food, start building relationships with other bloggers, publishers and online authorities that could use your expertise in the form of a guest post on their websites.Building your portfolio of authoritative links from more established websites will help signal to search engines that your website should be trusted—and your original post will begin to rise in search engine rankings.This puts you in a great position to start capturing a significant portion of those 3,400 monthly searchers, and bring them into your community.

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They originally started out as a payment processing company for website owners, to help them sell their digital content without needing to jump over to Pay Pal or other clunky payment platforms.

Right away, you'll see that there's a combined average of 3,400 searches per month on just those two keyword phrases.

While that's not a super high volume of potential search traffic, it's still a great opportunity because of how incredibly niche this topic is.

Now, here's my 5-step process to validating a niche website idea.

First and foremost, do people actually want to consume the content you're considering creating?

For those of you familiar with languages such as Java and C , you have a compiler and at times it may kick out errors and warnings. Why worry about validation of [X]HTML if it's only a markup language?