Updating your job hazard analysis

30-Jul-2017 21:06

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But JHAs add risk assessment to JSAs with an evaluation of risk for each step and determination of likelihood and severity.

In its Job Hazard Analysis booklet, OSHA reminds us that reviewing periodically a JHA/JSA ensures that it stays current, and continues to help reduce workplace incidents and improve safety.

Many people think that JHA and Job Safety Analysis (JSA) are the same, but there are slight differences.

According to a definition in a Safety Health magazine article, JSAs consider only the following three elements: steps necessary to do the job, hazards associated with each step, and safety measures for avoiding the hazards.

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Come and learn how to change the workplace safety culture, reduce hazards, increase governmental compliance, increase productivity and identify training needs all with one tool — a job hazard analysis (JHA).A Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) takes a job and breaks it down into individual job steps (or tasks).