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06-Nov-2017 18:14

SUPERCARD DSTWO V1.08(update:10-25) Download 1、Fixed file system (Fixed the crash bug when filename is less than 8 letters and there is space in it). SUPERCARD DSTWO V1.07(update:09-28) Download 1、Fixed Rabbids Go Home. 4、Fixed the bug of some cheats cant be shown in Real-Time menu. SUPERCARD DSTWO V1.06(update:09-04) Download 1、Fixed the unstable crush bug in game (added a check to check if the card is reading busy). Full hotkey mode is the same as the in-game hotkey mode before. 2、Fixed save bugs of Summon Night(J) & Summon Night 2(J). 2、Supports V1.4.2C/V1.4.1J/V1.4.1U/V1.4.1E Fireware. But in-game menu does not work with some very special games (like Mario RPG 3) before, so we had added a simply hotkey mode, you can enter in-game menu by simply hotkey mode, but Real-Time-Save&Real-Time-Load dont work, other functions work. DSTWO v1.11_0427(04-27) Download 1、Fixed: Ace Attorney DS Homebrew crash bug. DSTWO Fireware ver1.09(03-11) Download 1、Fixed: sometimes the cart cannot be recognized after resetting on NDSi/N3DS.Added a system11file which is a patch file under the _dstwo folder.SUPERCARD DSTWO V1.05(update:08-21) Download 1、Fixed the crush bug of Brain Age Series. 2、Fixed the crush bug of Animal Crossing Chinese translated version. 8、Added support ez3 in 1, super Card lite, super Card MINI SD, super Card SD, super Card CF. 10、Added prevent halt in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. New Hardware Control Action Slow Motion (Up to 4 levels). File Management System (Copy, Paste, Cut and Delete, long file name support). 3、Fixed save problem, when the patch database save size is different from customer save size setting, will keep customer save size. Any homebrew software run “_dstwo/reset2desktop.nds” file can return to DSTWO desktop. SUPERCARD DSTWO (update:05-22) Download 1、Fix "Made in Ore"&"RPG Tool DS" 2、Fix "4951 Daigasso!

Step 5: Turn on the power, EOS will detect the upgrade file, press A to upgrade. Off cause if the firmware declared support the latest version console.2、Changed: use separate boot program for N3DS/NDSi/NDS.