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Problem is I loved that hairstyle so much and the character is dear to me, so I'm a bit sad about not having the old hairstyle anymore. This would be the perfect blog post if I would continue with the male character models. I don't have screenshots of pre-update male human characters, so you'll have to take my word for it, but men also show a definite improvement.

I'm not getting my hopes up, but if a developer would fix this glitch, it would make my day. For Ravenwyn (1) it doesn't matter, because she's (meant to be) young and naive. Unfortunately, however, I don't play any male characters, so I don't have the same amount of visual material. The new men look like, well, actual men, and I would even go so far that they show character.

(I guess they weren't eligible for in-game changing before because of lore reasons, but it's darn convenient like this.) 3) The body shape slider has expanded, allowing your character to display a broader range of body types. Elves and men also got new running and walking animations. The one I'm not sure about is the running animation of female Elves.

They tip-toe and bounce a lot (you notice this best when looking at your character from the side).

Lord of the Rings Online's recent Mordor expansion didn't just add a good chunk of depressing landscape architecture to the virtual world, it also introduced something for all residents: a character overhaul.

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I really disliked the way her hair clips on one side at the height of her chin (see "auto"), so I changed her hairstyle. Also, some hairstyles, like Ravalyn's long hair (2), strengthen the baby face effect, which is a shame. Ravanel is totally hitting on this Elf, just saying.I think the other part of it was that I'm very accustomed to my characters' looks after having played them for ten years.

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