Updating flash on wii

05-Jun-2017 14:26

A9: When you receive the card, just put the latest Acerkard 2i firmware AKAIO V1.89 now.Q10: I had a question about the "Acekard 2i flashcart for Nintendo DS DSi 3DS" How many gigabytes does it come with?You can then flash a firmware file from your PC, or from the Internet, by selecting from a list of the latest available firmware.The software will save your settings when you exit, so you will not need to set up everything again when you next launch the software. At random times, my PC would disconnect my keyboard and mouse.Both of the ones I own have red LEDs on them and flash when this occurs.the problem is that, everytime i try to boot up my acekard 2i on my ds lite i get a white screen.

updating flash on wii-53

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We are the AK2i usa official seller, if you buy Acekard 2i, you will get excellent game and homebrew compatibility. AK2i uses the famous AKAIO firmware which provides many features for players, including online cheat updating via WIFI, Support various AR cheat types, Wii Connectivity, Auto Anti-Piracy Routines, Save Slots, Custom icons for your games and file extensions, It has good slot-2 support as well which means it can detect your EZ flash 3 in 1 and play gba games.

A12: Yes, you dont need to update the acekard 2i when you receive it, because we sell the updated acekard 2i. And we dont sell cards with games, only blank card. We have tested every card as soon as we received them from the official supplier. I wanted to thank you guys for working to get my order here.

Q13: can you tell me what type of Micro SD memory card will work with your Acekard? A13: Either will be ok, it doesn't matter what type of sd card you will use as long as it is a working card. I keep reading that you have to find a ds or dsi and do a bunch of stuff. if you see some sites sell cards with games, they are chinese sites. It arrived Monday afternoon and the person I gave it to loved it.

Q8: I was wondering if you could help me out with something.

i bought and acekard 2i from another site before the one i bought from your site, and i cant get it to work.Only sometimes does it reconnect and I'm able to save the work/game I was doing at the time but others, it doesn't connect at all.

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