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05-Jan-2017 07:11

To turn off Smart Interactivity, open the Vizio app on a mobile device, find Settings, and click on Reset & Admin.

Now you can use the onscreen slider button to turn off the feature.

Look for the About This TV submenu, and click on User Agreements.

There are three options to consider: Viewing Information, Personal Advertising, and Voice Information.

So even if your TV isn't outright snooping, it may still be sniffing.

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ACR data also can be harnessed to target television viewers with specific ads—a practice that consumers are used to on the web but that's just getting started in the television world.

Turning off Voice Recognition Services will disable voice control, a feature that sends your voice commands to a third-party vendor for processing.

On LG's newer web OS TVs, click on the icon for Settings from the main menu, then scroll down until you see General.

In a statement emailed to Consumer Reports, Vizio sought to clarify its actions.

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"The ACR program never paired viewing data with personally identifiable information such as name or contact information, and the Commission did not allege or contend otherwise," Vizio wrote.

The company also collected data on users' Wi Fi networks and mobile devices that were linked wirelessly to the televisions.