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Writer and consultant Art Rosenberg coined the term around the year 2000 to describe technology that enabled messages and data to be rerouted to reach the recipient as quickly as possible.

As Rosenberg saw it, unified communications was the next logical step for technology [source: Unified Communications Strategies].

These solutions can be a combination of existing and custom components.

UC also includes users who simply adapt to the technology and alter their habits to use resources that are already available [source: Unified Communications Strategies].

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Unified messaging is not to be mistaken for unified communications, although the two share some similarities.

Even if you've never heard the term unified communications (UC), you're probably familiar with the concept and might even depend on its capabilities.

If you've answered work-related e-mails from the golf course or discovered it's easier to respond to voicemails via text message, that flexibility is possible because of unified communications.

Presently, this involves the integration of primarily real-time services, such as instant messaging, telephony (voice over IP, or VOIP), and video conferencing.

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Unified communications allows messages to be sent through one medium and received on a different medium.

This will allow you to easily collaborate at any time, from any workspace, on any device.